Extruded Polystyrene Production

Recently, a new EEI facility factor has been launched in Abu Dhabi, which specializes in the production of “Roofmaster XPS” (Extruded Polystyrene).

Roofmaster XPS:

Roofmaster XPS is the trade name of the blue extruded rigid foam made out of top quality general – purpose polystyrene. Manufactured by state – of – the – art computerized extrusion machines according to international norms and standards, Roofmaster XPS boards are made in a continuous skin surface and developed into a closed cell structure. This process allows high thermal resistance and superior water resistance properties. Roofmaster XPS provides the uniform density distribution, dimensional stability, very high compressive strength, aging resistance, and also immunity against insects, pests, bacteria, and rodent attacks. It also provides good physical properties and long- term performance.

Properties of Roofmaster – XPS panels:

Thermal conductivity:

Roofmaster XPS has a homogenous structure and high resistance to water and vapor diffusion that delays the change in the cell gas composition. Aging phenomenon is thus tremendously slowed down, leading to a stable, long – term, low thermal conductivity.

Storage handling:

Roofmaster XPS should be stored in a clean flat area and kept away for open flames and other sources of ignition. When longer outdoor storage is demanded, boards must be protected from ultra – violet light by covering them with brightly colored plastic sheets properly anchored down against wind effect.

Fire behavior:

Roofmaster XPS panels contain flame retardant material which is classified as B1 building material when tested in accordance with DIN 4120.

Resistance to water and vapor penetration:

Roofmaster XPS has a structure that consists of small size closed cells and outer foam skin of denser material on both sides. This allows it to remain dry in relatively high humidity and ambient temperature of the Middle East.

Chemical resistance:

Roofmaster XPS is stable and has excellent resistance to acids, basis cold bitumen, and silicon oil. On the other hand, it is unstable to tars, organic solvents, hydrocarbon gasoline, and oil based paints.


Roofmaster XPS panels can be worked with convention woodwork tools. The boards are generally bound together with hot bitumen, dispersion – type structural or special adhesives.

Compressive strength:

It is determined by short – term standard test methods. For structural applications involving continuous high compressive load, non – uniform loads of high – temperature, while designing an adequate safety factor in design stress levels, should be provided to minimize deformation with time. These values are reduced at higher temperatures, but the mechanical properties are not adversely affected at lower temperatures.

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