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Electronic and Engineering Industries

Located in the United Arab Emirates across two factories in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, the 107.500 sq. ft. facility of Electronic & Engineering Industries Co. L.L.C. (EEI), a manufacturer of polystyrene products established in 1979, has the most advanced design and manufacturing equipment. EEI is part of BPC Holding group, a multinational conglomerate. For more info on our mother company, please visit http://www.bpcholding.com/.

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 In the early 80s, EEI began developing “Roofmaster” (Injection Moulded Polystyrene Insulation) with German technology and collaboration. Roofmaster has since made a significant contribution to the thermal insulation system, helping in the conservation of energy and boosting of efficiency. EEI is indeed the first manufacturer of Injection Moulded Polystyrene in the Middle East.

In addition, EEI is an ISO certified company. All EEI products meet BSI, ASTM, and DIN specifications, and are CFC free (Environmentally friendly).

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