Our Vision
The Electronic & Engineering Industries looks forward to grow steadily and become the best manufacturer of polystyrene products, as measured by the quality of its products, services, and financial performance.


Our Mission consists of manufacturing and providing polystyrene products that customers prefer and ensuring the highest quality of products and services.

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Our Beliefs
In its strategic orientation, EEI caters for its clients' demands. Its philosophy lies in opening new doors for its customers and finding innovative solutions which enable them to make their business grow and prosper. This approach has in fact resulted in success for both EEI and its customers.

On the other hand, EEI staff work diligently to understand and meet the unique needs of its customers, thus providing the most efficient products and services.

Our Values
Create an atmosphere of continuous improvement, integrity, and reliability. Ensure customer satisfaction. Operate within the limits of safety, quality, and productivity.


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